Kosher Internet filter

Consider us your cleaning help.

For the same reason a machine can't clean up your house, no automated filter can clean up your websites.
You need a real, live human who understands what to keep and what to throw. That's the Nativ difference: we have a team of professionals who manually clean up the sites you need, leaving you a sparkling, useful web experience.

A Solution for Everyone

Chances are, you're quite aware of the dangers intrinsic to the World Wide Web. You know that unfilterned Internet can destroy: that it has torn apart families, estranged children, and ruined lives. That's why you've been searching for a filter that really works. So far, though, you have not found a satisfactory solution.

Perhaps you need more access than most filters allow, but when you remove the block, you're exposed to too much.

Perhaps you know that a determined family member could figure out how to bypass the filter - and that, in a moment of weakness, that person could be you.

Perhaps you need to work on your laptop while on the go - but your filter is connected to your ISP, so when you leave your home you're unprotected.

Perhaps your filter won't allow you to conduct a Google search, slows down your Internet speed, or distorts webpages beyond recognition. Or, perhaps, you've met up with many of these issues.

With Nativ, your search is over.

We understand that people need the Internet - and that those needs vastly differ from person to person. We also recognize the many deficiencies plaguing existing filters, deterring customers and leaving too many exposed to the Internet's snare. And so, we developed Nativ.

Nativ is a revolution in Internet protection. We don't just sell a software product; we provide a service, protecting each client and exposing him only to the exact Internet environment he needs. This service means we have an ongoing, interactive partnership with each client, as we constantly tailor to his adapting needs.