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Nativ sounds too good to be true. How affordable can it be?

Nativ is priced to fit the budget of every home and business. Prices start as low as $12/month for a limited plan. Special scholarships may also be available. Bear in mind that Nativ was formed by the request of the Gedolim to provide a solution for Klal Yisrael. Nativ is committed to keep prices as low as possible.

Can I conduct a Google search?

Yes! Actually, Nativ remains one of the only Internet protection services to allow Google at all. Whether you can follow every link resulting in the search depends on your protection plan.

I work at home and need the gray list. But I only want my kids to have access to the White list. Can the software differentiate between users?

Yes. You can assign every household member with his own login information containing an individualized profile. Not only that, there are myriads of ways to customize the Internet usage on the computer.

My kids have proven themselves highly proficient at the computer. How do I know they won't bypass your software?

Nativ runs in the background at all times and works together with the operating system on a level way beneath the browser. Therefore, no program or browser can override Nativ.

I know what kind of protection I need now, but what happens if my Internet needs change?

Your Nativ options are completely customizable, to ensure an uninhibited browsing experience. You can even decide to make temporary changes, based on a temporary need. For example, if you want to shut off Internet for your 3-day vacation, you can do that too!

Is Nativ available for every computer and browser?

Presently, Nativ is available for all Windows operating systems.In the near future Macintosh, iPhone and Android will be made compatible as well.

Will the system slow down my computer? What about my internet speed?

The program works in the background and has been optimized to consume minimal resources. Opening a website may slow down the system for less than 2 seconds, but once you are in the website, it has virtually no effect on the speed at all.

How long will it take for Nativ to allow me access to a page I requested?

The average page can become available in a very short period of time. If a website is extremely complicated to clean, it may take a little longer.

Websites keep changing. Can Nativ guarantee there will never be a breach?

Technology and the web are constantly evolving and Nativ professionals know it well. We cannot guarantee you will never come across a breach, but we can assure our clients that our experts are there to immediately fill up any crack or gap in the system, should it be found. We have 30 full-time employees working to stay up-to-date with new dangers, in order to keep you protected.

We also encourage our users to notify us in case of security breach. Reporting issues or concerns is easy and straight from the user's homepage or the optional Chrome browser extension.

This initiative really talks to me. Is there any way I can get involved?

As a growing company, Nativ has investment opportunities available. Please contact us if interested.